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Big Year

May 11, 2015Devon No Comments »

It’s been a big year! I turned 30 this year and made my first big career change. After 6 years at Archiverde, I switched to Studio Outside to become a Project Leader. Studio Outside (sO) is relatively the same age as Archiverde. The main principles (Tary Arterburn, Chip Impastato, Mike Fraze, and Bill Millsap) formed […]

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Licensed Landscape Architect: Utah!

October 2, 2014Devon No Comments »

I became a Licensed Landscape Architect in the State of Utah today!

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I Got A Car, 3.0

July 26, 2014Devon No Comments »

Every car I have purchased has been spontaneous — and my new car is no different! Jay recently purchased a new car and was going to trade it in, but decided to give me a bone. It’s a 2008 BMW 335i with the sports package and only 35,000 miles! Yes, I typed that right. Best […]

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Jay Got a Car

July 11, 2014Devon No Comments »

After a good year or two for searching for a new vehicle, Jay finally found a great car match for him. Never having a four-door before, he hated to sacrifice the sport and fun of a coupe, but needed the practicality of car pooling people back and fourth to the airport. After 4 BMWs, it […]

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May 23, 2013Devon No Comments »

Hello, Log time no post. Sorry I have been so bad at updating my blog. But I just wanted to let you all know that something has been added to my name. Yes, a PLA. I am now Devon Blosch, PLA. That’s right! “PLA” you ask? Well, I passed the L.A.R.E. (Landscape Architect Registration Examination). […]

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The Magnificent [Twenty] Seven[th Birthday]

April 17, 2012Devon No Comments »

I had an amazing surprise birthday! It all started when I got home from running errands around 4 pm Saturday. The house was empty, so I knew something was up. I was told to get ready and have an overnight bag packed by 6:45 pm. When the time came around, a black BMW town car […]

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I Passed L.A.R.E. Sec. B

April 21, 2011Devon 1 Comment »

Good news everyone! I passed section B of the Landscape Architecture Registration Exam. Just three more tests before I am a registered Landscape Architect in the state of Texas! My next exam is one of two graphic exam. The exam, Section E, is over Grading and Drainage. It is a 5 hour exam in June, […]

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Between a Square and a Cube

April 17, 2011Devon 1 Comment »

I had many titles for this post, just to name a few: “26 Going on Old,” “1 Ticket for the Downhill Slope to 30,” and “26 Ravens Tapping at My Chamber Door.” Now, you can probably guess that I just turned 26. Happy Birthday to me! I first want to start by saying, “THANK YOU!” […]

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I Passed L.A.R.E. Sec. A

May 13, 2010Devon 4 Comments »

I passed the L.A.R.E. Section A exam! All that studying with Briana and dinners with her boss, Ann McGuinness, really paid off. Now I just have 4 more tests to pass before I get my license. I’m worried because section A is the shortest test (and the least difficult of the 5). I have two […]

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25th Birthday

April 16, 2010Devon No Comments »

It’s common for people to evaluate their lives after tragedy, sickens, birthdays, and when a new year comes around — so it will be no surprise to you that I have just evaluated my life. I’m turning 25. According to — after answering many “life” questions — I am expected to live to a […]

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