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New Yard

November 8, 2011Devon 1 Comment »

So after a few month of searching, Jay found the perfect puppy; Riley. Once he arrived it was all fun and games until you noticed that the only place he had for his bathroom area was in over grown 3 foot high Asian Jasmine vines. So, being a landscape designer, I decided to put my […]

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Biggest Challenges You’re Going to Face

May 2, 2010Devon 4 Comments »

So, I did it. I finally spent the time to learn how to fold a fitted sheet. It’s really not that hard once you get the hang of it. It takes about as much time to fold a fitted sheet as it does wadding one up and yelling, “whatever.” I learned how to do it […]

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I Got A Car!

October 22, 2009Devon 3 Comments »

Now that I have a job, I needed a car to get around and go to Dallas this Sunday. So, I got a car! I walked into the car dealership and after 4 hours with a headache, I came out the owner of a 2007 MAZDA3 i Sport 4dr Sedan. I got them to drop […]

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House Update: Guest Room

February 16, 2009Devon No Comments »

I decorated the guest bath and guest room; this weekend we finished it. I have always wanted a poster bed and I found one at World Market — which so happened to be on sale (just a bit more then what I wanted to spend, but worth it), so we got it. We then hunted down a mattress […]

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House Update: Master Bath

February 16, 2009Devon No Comments »

Last weekend we finished up the master bathroom. We started by painting the walls; we wanted a caramel color and chocolate brown trim. The room ended up a pumpkin wall color and chocolate trim. We actually like it, so it stayed — it feels really warm. We hung some floating shelves and got all new accessories. We stayed with white towels […]

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House Update: New Furniture

January 16, 2009Devon 1 Comment »

When you move from a 600 square foot apartment into a 1500 square foot house, you may know that the house is kida’ empty. Which is depressing — but you lift your spirits by going furniture shopping! And who can resist furniture shopping when the furniture you want is on sale with only $1 shipping!?! […]

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Flooded The House, Almost

January 12, 2009Devon 1 Comment »

The office is on the way to being finished. The walls and trim are all painted. Most of the current furniture is in place. The other day we were hanging floating shelves from Ikea. We had three shelves and they were going 15 inches on center from the celling down the wall in a column […]

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House Update: Kitchen

January 6, 2009Devon No Comments »

The Kitchen is now finished. All the stainless-steel Frigidaire appliances have arrived and been installed. The walls were painted a light slate blue. To finish the kitchen we wanted more light and a tile backsplash. The room only had one overhead light and with the large cabinetry, it cast a heavy shadow on the countertop. […]

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House Update: Fireplace

January 2, 2009Devon No Comments »

The house has a working fireplace. Only problem is it is not an “appropriate” style (for us or the house) — just white painted brick/mantel. We wanted to update the fireplace look without harming the bone structure of the original design. The house was built late 1920s, so we wanted to keep with that style […]

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24th Street House

December 18, 2008Devon No Comments »

The house is a little under 1500 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms and two baths. It was built in 1929, but completly renovated in 2007.

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