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New Yard

November 8, 2011Devon 1 Comment »

So after a few month of searching, Jay found the perfect puppy; Riley. Once he arrived it was all fun and games until you noticed that the only place he had for his bathroom area was in over grown 3 foot high Asian Jasmine vines. So, being a landscape designer, I decided to put my […]

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A Long Overdue Update

July 6, 2011Devon No Comments »

Long time no post! Its been over two months since the last time I posted a public post — and so much has happened. I should start with the most important event: I’m in a relationship! And a good one too — Hallelujah! It happened just a few weeks after I posted my birthday post […]

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I Passed L.A.R.E. Sec. B

April 21, 2011Devon 1 Comment »

Good news everyone! I passed section B of the Landscape Architecture Registration Exam. Just three more tests before I am a registered Landscape Architect in the state of Texas! My next exam is one of two graphic exam. The exam, Section E, is over Grading and Drainage. It is a 5 hour exam in June, […]

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Between a Square and a Cube

April 17, 2011Devon 1 Comment »

I had many titles for this post, just to name a few: “26 Going on Old,” “1 Ticket for the Downhill Slope to 30,” and “26 Ravens Tapping at My Chamber Door.” Now, you can probably guess that I just turned 26. Happy Birthday to me! I first want to start by saying, “THANK YOU!” […]

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The L.A.R.E. Exam: Section B

March 16, 2011Devon No Comments »

So it’s that time again! March has come — it’s time for my next Landscape Architect Registration Exam (L.A.R.E.). Section B is a 90 multiple-choice question test over Inventory, Analysis, and Program Development. I have been studying (with Briana and alone), but I don’t know how it will go. Wish me luck.

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A Death in the Family [Updated]

February 27, 2011Devon 1 Comment »

My MacBook Air finally kicked the bucket. That laptop was with me for 3 years. It went through a lot and had been to a lot — its been to New York, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Utah, Texas, and all over Europe. It was a really good travel companion. It started going down hill around […]

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Unvergesslichen Weihnachten

December 31, 2010Devon 2 Comments »

Where to begin? Nothing really interesting has been going on, hence the quiet blog. But now, I have Christmas to blog about. If you remember, I found out that my Christmas present from my mom this year was a trip to Germany for 7 days. On December 23, I went to work until 2pm. Once […]

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365 Days & Mega Boost

November 12, 2010Devon No Comments »

I have officially been working at a landscape architecture firm for over a year . And with my 1 year anniversary came a nice chocolate cake from my favorite restaurant, Bread Winners, and a raise (which will help with student loan payments — the raise, not the cake). I have really enjoyed my job. I […]

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Long Time No Post

October 6, 2010Devon 1 Comment »

Ok. So it has been a longtime since my last post. Well, public post. I figured for the people without logins to my blog, my blog must have look desolate. This post is here to change that! Let the “dry spell” be over. Looking back at my last few public posts, I need to give […]

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New Coworker :: Old Friends

August 23, 2010Devon 3 Comments »

Briana, my good friend and school studio mate for over 4 years, always joked about working together. Today, that dream became a reality. Briana has officialy been hired at my firm — we are now good friend, school mates for over 4 years, and coworkers! Work has been picking up, so my boss decided to […]

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