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German Trip: Last Thoughts

June 8, 2009Devon 2 Comments »

So I am currently on the plane going home to Texas. I have just some last thoughts about my trip: I could barely say, “So say we all.” I think I got it out once. I was trying so hard to hold back the tears (to even stay standing) that I couldn’t open my mouth. […]

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Can a Lid Change the World?

April 7, 2009Devon No Comments »

At a resturant yesterday, Pam and I where standing in line waiting to use the soda machine. As I was putting on a plastic lid and garbing a straw, Pam began talking about the Green movement. In school for the past 4 years, we have been bombarded my the Green movement and ideology of how […]

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Rant ‘n Rave

February 17, 2009Devon No Comments »

Okay. I do not usually rant; but today, because I have been doing a lot of decorating lately (the house), I feel I need to. In the mornings of Tuesday and Thursday, Darrell usually drops me off on west campus on his way to work. I then walk (about 10-15 min) to main campus to […]

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