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Surgery is a Pain [Updated]

March 31, 2010Devon 3 Comments »

Surprise, I’m having surgery! Becuase my insurance ends at the end of April (maybe? it might not end for another year now with the new Obama Care changes), I have been going to the doctors to get things checked out. Things I have been ignoring — I know, that’s bad. Turns out that when I […]

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Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Diploma

June 10, 2009Devon No Comments »

I got my diploma framed today. Shari, my mom, bought the frame for my graduation present back in May. I went into the frame shop in the MSC basement and they had everything on record. I checked to see what combination of frame/matte my mom decided on — it was exactly what I would have […]

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What Are You Doing After Graduation?

May 7, 2009Devon No Comments »

I’ll tell you what I am doing: traveling! This is what I have going on, starting today: I am free for 4 days. Then I have my last day (again) at the Dean of Faculties Office (May 12th). The next day I am going down to Houston for the day and night (tentative), picking my […]

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Graduation Photos!

April 28, 2009Devon No Comments »

A little while back a group of my studio mates went out and took graduation photos. I just got them recently and sent out my graduation announcements. Everyone received my iconic 2×3 photo — me sitting in flowers — and some received a 5×7 of the one posted here. The photo shoot went all day […]

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Austin TX ASLA and 24th Birthday

April 21, 2009Devon No Comments »

Wednesday (April 15, 2009) I went to Austin for the annual Texas American Society of Landscape Architects conference. The first night some of the students where invited to the legislative reception. A group of us met Cathy Hendricks, the executive director of Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE). The TBAE is the group that licenses […]

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“Oh, It’s April”

April 12, 2009Devon No Comments »

It is Easter Sunday, so my mom and I made a day of it. We got up late, went shopping, got a late brunch, and then for the rest of the day watched movies we got from Blockbuster. Later in the night, my mom was checking email. For those that do not know about my […]

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Sigma Lambda Alpha (ΣΛΑ)

March 29, 2009Devon No Comments »

I have good news. Today I was notified that I have been inducted into Sigma Lambda Alpha (ΣΛΑ). Sigma Lambda Alpha is a national scholastic honor society recognizing academic achievement among students in the Landscape Architecture field. I was told I would have been inducted sooner, but for some reason I was overlooked; it has […]

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Preparing to Graduate

March 10, 2009Devon No Comments »

Who knew that graduation meant you had so much to do? I’m not really talking about finding a job; I am talking about preparing to graduate. I have so much on my to-do-list suddenly — not to mention the money. First I had to pay $40 just to process that I am graduating. Now, I […]

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Strange Underground

February 17, 2009Devon 2 Comments »

Texas A&M University was established in 1871 — with the majority of buildings built in the 40-50s. The technology used to heat/cool the main campus buildings is over half a century old. Yes, I am talking about the TAMU Tunnels — commonly referred to as the “steam tunnels.” Of course with old things, comes controversy […]

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Rant ‘n Rave

February 17, 2009Devon No Comments »

Okay. I do not usually rant; but today, because I have been doing a lot of decorating lately (the house), I feel I need to. In the mornings of Tuesday and Thursday, Darrell usually drops me off on west campus on his way to work. I then walk (about 10-15 min) to main campus to […]

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