Devon on April 28th, 2009

Graduation PhotoA little while back a group of my studio mates went out and took graduation photos. I just got them recently and sent out my graduation announcements. Everyone received my iconic 2×3 photo — me sitting in flowers — and some received a 5×7 of the one posted here. The photo shoot went all day long. We went all over campus (campus gardens, entrance sign, landmark buildings, so on) taking serious photos, funny photos, and group shots. It was a fun day spending time with studio people outside the classroom.

I cannot believe that my college days are numbered. Less then 20 more days as a college student, then I will be a college graduate! Ugh, then I have to be a real member of society; a cog in the grand design. Which is perfectly fine with me, who said there is anything wrong with being a cog? It will be a new experience, right? Right.

On that note. This semester I have really been a college student. Don’t get me wrong, I have been a college student for the past 6 years — what I mean is that my other semesters have been so packed I never really did the iconic college student things. In the movies you see college students always partying, studying, going to the pool/tanning, hanging out, getting in some kind of trouble or love triangle. Once I said “like in the movies,” and a person responded, “that only happenes in the movies, real people don’t do that.” I finally have a comeback for them, “it’s my life, if I want it to be like the movies, I am going to make it like the movies.” That reminds me, tomorrow I need to burst out into song like in a musical.

Anyways, problem is, in my major we don’t really get to do that. We go to class all day, work around 20 hours a week (if you were so luckily, like me), then at night work on homework/projects. We would work at night on our projects for weeks at a time — all night; our projects would take forever. Sometimes we would pull all nighters then present the next day. Some people in my studio sometimes pulled three day/nighters. By the time they presented we had to hold them up with a stick and string like a marionette. Remember, we also had our other classes that we had to study for, like the other majors, on top of studio class.

This semester has been very organized, calm, and collected. Two of my classes have finished three weeks before school ends. With all this “free-time” my studio has been ‘living it up’ like true college students — mature college students. We have been going to play volleyball/tan, out to the clubs/bars, dinners/BBQs, and just hanging out — just like in the movies. Some of us are also actively looking for jobs, some passively, some have jobs (about 1/3). With the economy the way it is right now, very limited full-time positions open, it is kind of futile looking. I guess it is prudent to at least get your name out.


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