Devon on June 24th, 2009

Ryan, Pam, LoniI have not posted in about a week, so I think it is time for an update. Starting last Wednesday, I went out to a bar/club every night except 1 night, Saturday. Yes, that does means I went out on a Sunday night. This is what happened. I had been at home hanging out almost every night, not really seeing anyone. So last Wednesday, I decided I was going to get out of the house. I went down to Houston to see one of my friend’s new house and went to the Galleria Mall for the afternoon. It was a nice trip. If you know Matt (of Matt and John), ask him about the 14 harmonicas — he’ll know what you are talking about. On the drive back to Bryan, Loni called me and asked if I want to go out to Northgate (our local bar/club street). I said okay and met Loni, Pam, and Ryan out at the clubs. It was a fun night — just hangout with good friends. On this night we made plans for the week.

On Thursday we went back to Northgate and watched as Pam and Ryan finished their O’bannon’s Tap House cards. It is a card with 75 beers from around the world. Every time you go in, you can purchase up to two beers off the card and then get your card stamped. When you have purchased every beer you get an O’bannon’s beer stein and when you bring it in you get a discount on what they have on tap. Congratulations guys! After we celebrated we went to the midnight showing of Year One with Jack Black. It was better then what I thought, even though I had no idea what it was about before I saw it.

On Friday Loni and I went to Halo. Pam and Ryan were going to come, but they had a Wedding to attend in Houston early on Saturday morning. I guess it was because we had been going out so much, but we both were so exhausted. Loni and I just sat on the couches all night and left around midnight. We wanted to be out, but did not feel like being out — does that make any sense? We did have fun people watching and chatting with each other. When talking, we cam up with an idea for a movie, Hansel and Gretel, to be directed by Tim Burton or even Guillermo del Toro (director of Pan’s Labyrinth). Come to find out, Tim Burton beat us to it and make a short animated film of Hansel and Gretel back in the 1980’s — I guess great minds must think alike.

Saturday we all rested. I talked to Dominik over Skype (internet phone) for around 12 hours. I also found some new music. The best song, which fits with some of my life events and feelings right now, is called “Bridges” by Lucy Wainwright Roche. Good song. Needless to say, Saturday was a lazy day.

Austin PeepsSunday we drove to Austin to hang out, and go out, with some of Pam’s really good friends. They just moved into a rental house in north Austin. The night was insane. We first went to a bar called Treasure Island where they had $1 triple wells. We then moseyed over to another bar, name unknown, with gigantic martinis that we all shared. Then we made our way to Chain Drive. Everyone had a lot of fun at Chain Drive — I was worried because it is really off the beaten path (away from the other bars — more of a neighborhood bar). I ended up talking to a guy which turned out to be an ex-convict. I even somehow managed to take a picture of his “drivers license” (it was a Texas government identification card — looks a lot like a drivers license) and Texas Offender identification cards. How I managed getting a picture of these, I have no idea. How this even came up in conversation perplexes me. He was nice, from what I remember. By the end of the night, I had to much to drink.

Barton SpringsMonday we all got up late. Most of Pam’s friends all had work so they had left. But two of them came with us to the Alamo Draft House (a dinner theater — shows movies and serves food). We saw Away We Go with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph. I was really sweat. It is hard to explain, but I liked it. The food at the theater was good too. After the movie we went back to the house, changed into our bathing suits and went to Zilker Metropolitan Park: Barton Springs. For three house we hung out, tanned, and waded in the water of the creek. Very relaxing until we were almost attacked by a snake in the water. Loni saved us by throwing rocks in its direction. Oh yeah, we had dinner at Whole Foods on the way back to the house — if you know what that is, then you know how good it was.

Tuesday we awoke to the moving truck arriving, the cable company installing TV and internet, and the plumber unclogging the bathtub — all while the 4 of us were getting ready to head back to Bryan. It was a mad house. We finally said our goodbyes and got on the road at 11am. After a two hour drive, I arrived back home at 1pm — then I took a nap. That is what I have been up to. I still have not heard anything from the Sacramento job — but it has only been a week. Ryan and Pam are heading on a three month cross country road trip starting in a few days — so exciting! Wish I could have gone with.

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