Devon on July 22nd, 2009

Salt Lake City at NightThis posting is way overdue — but I have been really busy. It is funny though, I have been here for just a few weeks and all the Utah profanity sayings came right back to me — such a potty mouth — oh, sugar dust. Anyways, my mom and I arrived in Utah sometime in the early afternoon on July 10th. Grandma and Grandpa Kendall were to pick us up at the airport, but we had to call them to see where they were. It turned out that they drove past us because they did not recognize us! Once we got to the house, we had dinner, talked a bit, and slept. For the next few days I hung around and visited family on my mom’s side. It was good to see everyone again. It is amazing how fast, or not, people change when you are away. I also went out to some of the SLC clubs/bars — I actually met some people; I forgot how nice people are here.

Ruth's DinnerOn Tuesday Grandma and Grandpa took my mom and I to Ruth’s Diner in the canyons. Ruth’s has been in Utah forever — over 75 years. I think it is the second oldest restaurant in SLC. My grandma remembers going to it when she was a girl. Amazingly, it has ben closed the past 4 months for renovations, and this month it was re-opened — just for us I think, lol. Ruth’s is famous for fresh made mile high biscuits, made hourly it seams. Ruth’s was also honored by appearing on the Food Network’s show Dinners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. I think that is why the renovated — they had an influx of customers so they had to expand the kitchen.

Over Salt Lake CityOn Wednesday I went on a tour of SLC with Pam and Ryan! I think I told you that Pam graduated with me and that she and her boyfriend are going on a 3 month road trip around the country. They had been in Denver, Colorado, and came over to SLC. The first night they used couch surfer, the next night they stayed at my dads house. During the day I went around with them taking photos of SLC. I realized I did not have any photos of SLC so I wanted to get some. I became a tourist of my birth town (I call it a birth town, because I call Takoma Park, Maryland, my hometown). When we went into the LDS Office Building to go to the top observation floor the workers asked if I worked there. I guess I look and act like a native. It is really funny they asked because I was in a T-shirt, shorts, and my tattoo was showing — most men that work their wear business suits! Anyways, I got some good photos of the city (below is the SLC LDS, Mormon, Temple).


The next week my mom went back to Texas and I left the Kendall side of the family to see the Blosch side (dad side). The Blosch side of the family has a family reunion every year at Beak Lake, in north Utah. I have not attended in over 11 years. Being a student and half way across the country really kept me away.

CondosAt the lake the family gets condos for each family (6 families, each with about 5 cousins, some with about 4 kids). When everyone is around, it is about 60 people. Then we all get together on the beach and talk and horse around. We go boating, jet-skying, tan, and reminisce. At night we get together and play poker — more as a social engagement. Most of the Bloschs live in Bountiful or Salt Lake City — but there are a few of us that live outside in Wyoming, Arizona, and Texas. The ones that live in Utah see each other regularly and are really close. It takes a day or two, but the “outsiders” warm up fast and then it feels like it used to.

PokerIt was so strange to see everyone again. It is funny, most people did not know I was coming, so when they saw me they would just point at me and go “Oh my gosh.” I guess it is a Blosch thing to point and stare at people — they all did it. Everyone is grown up. All my aunts and uncles are grandparents now (except my dad and his younger brother, John). Most of my cousins are married (or partnered — yes!). Oh, yeah, around the poker table I learned more about the Blosch name. Great grandpa Blosch is from Bern, Switzerland and his original family name was Blösch — he dropped the umlaut when we came to the USA. If you find any Blosch in the USA, I am most likely related to them in some way.

Well, now I am back at my dad’s house. Because I am still waiting to hear back from jobs and I don’t have anything to do in Texas, I extended my trip until August 5th. You maybe wondering about Los Angeles — it is postponed. I talked with my cousin and we both decided to put it on the back burner until next year, January 2010. For the next two weeks here I am going to hang out with family — reconnect. And yes, go out to the clubs again.

Soda Pop and KölschOh, I have just a few side notes. Coke/Soda is called “Soda Pop” here — lol. And I recently discovered one of my favorite brewers in downtown SLC, Red Rock Brewing Company, is brewing real Kölsch — go figure. Now only if I could find a Doner place. Utah has a lot of Greek places, but the Gyro is just not a Doner.


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