Devon on August 30th, 2009

NOLAMy mom came into my room on Thursday and said that before school starts on Monday we should go on a short vacation — very impromptu — to New Orleans. New Orleans is only a 7 hour drive from Bryan. So we looked up hotel prices online and found a hotel special for $60/night (normally $179/night) with free valet parking (normally $25/day) and only two blocks from Cafe du Monde. We booked it for two nights starting Friday. Also, because the car is in the shop, we have a rental — turned out to be a good thing. The rental gets better gas milage — that made the trip even cheaper. We got to and from NOLA with only two tanks of gas! Amazingly the car got 36 MPG (and it is not a hybrid nor diesel) — 2008 Ford Focus, go figure.

Bourbon StreetWe arrived in NOLA at 5 pm on Friday. For the next few days we just wondered the french quarter. We went to small local restaurants, antique shops, art galleries, the casino, and the other tourist places. It was nice to be out and about walking around. We ate, I think, three times at Cafe du Monde — most likely gained all the calories back from what we burnt off. Friday night we were so tired from the long drive we both went to bed at 9 pm. Saturday night I went out to the bars/clubs on Bourbon Street. I was out from 10 pm to 5 am. I had a really good time taking and meeting people — my bar tender gave me two or three free drinks too — what I would have called doubles and strong ones at that. He was really nice, really nice.


CafeBut, sadly I was one weekend to early; I found out that next weekend was Southern Decadence — I kicked myself when I found out I missed it by one weekend. It turned out to be okay because the city was preparing this weekend; so I saw all the shops, hotels, restaurants, and natives put out rainbow flags to prepare and such. Also, some gung-ho singles and couples take the week off for Southern Decadence and stay weekend to weekend. I met a lot of tourists that arrived this weekend — it was as if I was at the pre-party (at least a preview). One of my acquaintances said that during the weekend of Southern Decadence their would be thousands of visitors — so it was good I was here for the smaller Devon size Southern Decadence (I do not like big crowds).

MonaLisaFoodOverall the trip was a fun. It was good to get out of B/CS. Oh, one last thing — If you ever go to NOLA you must visit a restaurant called Mona Lisa (1212 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116). They do not take reservations, walk-in only. It is a diamond in the rough. This small family owned restaurant is a favorite among locals from what I read about it online — and the few wise tourists that find it. You know you are in the right place when you walk in and the place is filled with the scent of fresh ingredients cooking. The atmosphere is perfect to relax before going out on bourbon street. The food is amazing and the price is just right — many options for such a small place. You must try it. Pictured is the shrimp, sauteed halibut, and clam spaghetti with a lemon herb sauce ($14 and came with salad and garlic bread pizza slice) — but the menu changes often.


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