Devon on September 2nd, 2009

I hate to eat lunch alone. It’s horrible, you feel so self-conscious. Just sitting there chewing your food and you don’t know where to look. How long can you pretend you’re intrigued by cutting or unwrapping your food. So you try and act like you’re really involved in reading a flyer/triangular ad that’s on the table. Yet, when you try to turn the ad you hit your drink. And so you starting thinking that people are staring at this poor fool who nobody would have lunch with and who can’t even turn an ad without knocking over a cup of coffee, and it’s horrible and I hate it. So next time you think you will just pretend and look mad. That way people will think you wanted to eat alone. But then it backfires — by the time you are done eating you are really mad because you kept thinking about how no one would have lunch with you. I hate to eat lunch alone.

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