Devon on September 7th, 2009

Last SplashFriday I went to Austin Texas. I went for three reasons: get out of Bryan, see my good friend Sheldon, and finally go to Last Splash (for once out of my 7 years in Texas). I am glad to say that I accomplished all three. Friday night I went out in Austin. I met some really cool people that came down from Dallas for Splash. They had an extra ticket that they wanted to give me for the party boat at the lake, but I just could not except the generous offer (the ticket was over $60). I also met someone that was from Chicago (now living in Austin) — I could not get over the accent — so cute, with just the right amount of annoying. That night I also met up with Sheldon and slept at his place. I did not get to see him much — I want to go back this week and spend the day with him.

The next day I was at the lake for over 8 hours. I was prepared for the day. I had my beach blanket, cooler, and lunch. Around 8 pm I went to have dinner, then to a club. The club experience was surreal. All I am going to say is that I got in free (which saved me $22) and I met around 15 amazing people. I was going to meet back up with Sheldon and spend the night again, but my phone died and I didn’t have a charger — I could not find him so I left the club and drove back to Bryan, getting home at 4-ish am. This is one of the songs from my trip. It’s by Owl City, called “Fireflies.”

Sunday I met up with Meryl (and my other friends Audrey & Glen) and we drove into Navasota, Texas, for their wedding venue open house. The place is amazing. It appears to be an old plantation complex that is now decorated in 1940s Hollywood glam. It’s perfect for both couples.

After we got back from the venue, I was going to drive back to Austin for the Splash blow out bash at 10pm to 4am (someone I met at the last club said he would put me on the list at the door so I could get in free — saving me another $40). But after some consideration, I was tired of driving and clubed out. So I spent the afternoon (to midnight) with Meryl’s family and friends playing card games and a wonderfully prepared enchiladas dinner — I think I made the right decision.

Tonight, I am meeting Briana (from my A&M days and whom I have not seen in almost 4 months) for dinner to reminisce and talk about our recent adventures.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderfully EXCITING labor day weekend!!!!!!
    GLAD you had fun 🙂

  2. I think you made the right decision too 🙂 Who else coulda helped Mom and me win Hand and Foot???

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