Devon on October 9th, 2009

In today’s fast paced electronic world, our gadgets are updated, improved, and redesigned faster then the original product can become outdated (but the parts are still relevant). But I just gotta have the new one! So what happens to the original gadget? If you are like me the gadget, its AC adapter, and user manual went into a ziplock bag and into some drawer to be forgotten. Now-a-days, some businesses around have containers/programs you can recycle and properly dispose of your gadget for free. Yet, I just feel strange about tossing my perfectly working, only slightly outdated, iPhone into a recycling container at Office Depot.

I did a little snooping on the internet and discovered! Get this, it is an online company that buys back your slightly outdated electronics (cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, gaming consoles, PDAs, so on). I told my mom about it and she sold her original first generation 8 GB iphone for $120! Once she told me that, we went into drawers and found old cell phones, iPods, and my 10 year old PDA and sold them for $50! It’s like finding $50 that has just been sitting around.

Oh! even pays for shipping. More good news, if you use one of the links to from my blog, make a free account, and sell $50 in gadgets they will give you (and me) an extra $10 — a good referral program. If your gadgets are to old, they will even pay shipping for them to just recycle it — you don’t even need to leave your house to properly dispose of your gadget. That is a green company.

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