Devon on October 22nd, 2009

Mazda i Sport 2007Now that I have a job, I needed a car to get around and go to Dallas this Sunday. So, I got a car! I walked into the car dealership and after 4 hours with a headache, I came out the owner of a 2007 MAZDA3 i Sport 4dr Sedan. I got them to drop the price $1,188 and replace the brake-pads and tires. Supposedly, I have good credit so I got an interest rate under 7% (this is a good rate because I have an active co-loan on another car). I also got car insurance from Unitrin Direct. They gave me a better rate (~$700/6 months) then Geico (~$900/6 moths). I know that I am a single male under 25, but does car insurance really have to be so expensive? Will I suddenly drive safer on my 25th birthday? Oh well, I got a car!


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  1. Congratulations Devon!!! Call if you need any help up here in Dallas?

  2. I’m SOOOO proud of you… you own a car 😉


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