Devon on November 17th, 2009

Its been a warm summer all the way up to this weekend. Then, just as it does in Texas, winter hit on Monday. We dropped our nice autumn 75s (25 C) weather to the 50s (12 C) — overnight. Because it got so cold, I stopped off at my apartment’s club house to get some free hot tea before work (they have a free hot beverage maker; you select what you want and it dispenses it). When I walked in I discovered that my apartment has complimentary breakfast Monday-Friday between 6-8am. Free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cereals w/ milk, yogurt, and fruit. Shari said it best; I am living in an apartment hotel — garbage valet, breakfast, and a doorman who lets in the cable guy so I don’t have to be home waiting for him between 10am-4pm (AKA his random hour window).


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