Devon on November 29th, 2009

My studio friend Briana got a job near Garland Texas (next to Dallas) so we have been hanging out. Because it is getting cold, I have been wearing all the clothing I bought in Germany to stay warm — makes me felt like I am back in Germany. It really felt like it when Briana, Kyle, and I hung out last weekend (we were all in Germany together a year ago) and walked around downtown Dallas exploring. You need to understand some things. I feel like I am living alone back in the dorm in Germany, Briana is in a host family (she is staying with family friends in Garland), Kyle lives really fare away from everyone, i’m having Gl&#252wein (been making it home made), I live just down the road from where I go everyday, I have been walking a lot, no one cares where Blake is (yet, he is in Dallas), my neighbors just found out they are pregnant (just like Catrina & Josh), and I’m exploring all of Dallas because it’s foreign to me.

FleischThis all brings me to the German Market in Dallas. I told my boss’s wife about all this and she told me where to find a german market near me (becuase it feel like I am in Germany I have a lust for bratwurst). The place is called Kuby’s Sausage House. According to the website, in “1728, Friedrich Kuby opened a neighborhood meat market in Kaiserslautern, Germany, that specialized in fine sausages and specialty meats. After two centuries of satisfied customers, Karl Kuby, direct descendant of Opa Friedrich, immigrated to the United States, bringing with him the unique art of sausage making and specialty meat preparation. In 1961, Karl opened Kuby’s Sausage House, Inc., in Dallas, Texas.”

IMG_0478In addition to the fleisch (meats), they now carry many products from Germany that I found to be common. To start, my favorite, toothpaste condiments! No, it is not toothpaste, they are condiments in squeeze tubes. It really is a good idea — you can get to the last drop without a knife. They also have waffle cookies, candy, fish in jars/cans, all types of mustard, pre-mixed spice and sauce packets, so on. Only if they had Nuremberg sausages. I didn’t look that hard, they closed in 10 min after I arrived, so I was in a rush. I’ll have to go back and see (Nuremberg sausages were my favorite sausage, I think I ate hundreds of them — just ask Dominik). This place really felt German. In fact, the only thing about it that was not German was that it was open on Sunday.

IMG_0475When I go back, I am so going to get the Goulash beef stew packet. For lunch I ate goulash from the Bonn farmers market everyday for almost two weeks. I loved the stuff so much. When I saw this packet my mouth watered. I am thinking I will get it and have Briana and Kyle over for goulash and Gl&#252wein — a german dinner party. Sounds like a nice night.


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  1. GERMANY PARTY! I’m down 😀 Hmmmmm, I’ll have to think of something to bring, haha

  2. Bring little bread rolls like they served with the Goulash.

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