Devon on October 6th, 2010

Ok. So it has been a longtime since my last post. Well, public post. I figured for the people without logins to my blog, my blog must have look desolate. This post is here to change that! Let the “dry spell” be over. Looking back at my last few public posts, I need to give you an update:

My DC trip was fantastic. The ASLA conference was nice. To be completely honest — it was what I expected and met my expectations, but it could have been better. Amazingly I think the Texas Chapter ASLA conference is more worth the price. Going to the national conference has so many expenses: flight, hotel, conference fee, food, entertainment, and not to mention the tantalizing tours offered at the conference (which each cost over $100). All in all, the trip’s total was almost $800. And that was with me staying at a friends house (no hotel) for 4 nights! On the other hand, visiting DC for the first time in 8 years was better then I expected. Everything was the same, yet different. It was great to be home. I saw everything you can do for free: The Capital Building, The White House, Botanical Garden, Ford’s Theater, Holocaust Museum, National Zoo, Washington Monument, The Mall (and the memorials), National Cemetery, National Aquarium (at a slight cost), Museum of American History, Museum of Natural History, National Sculpture Garden, The Old Post Office, Union Station, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and my home town. As you can see, it was an exhausting trip — and I had the biggest blisters on my feet when I got home to prove it.

What to tell you next. What next. Oh! I had a few thoughts I want to share with you. I was thinking the other day, we are told how our toothbrushes have so much bacteria on them. Yet, we leave them out on our bathroom counters or even in a dark drawer promoting bacteria growth. Go Figure. So my solution, lets place them in a cup filled with mouthwash. Mouthwash kills bacteria. It would be like how barbers kept hair brushes in that blue disinfecting liquid. So why not use a cup of mouthwash for our toothbrushes — sounds like a good idea, right?

In other news, my old school mate M’lynn is starting a marketing company in College Station, Texas, with a friend. They have asked me to help with some of the websites they are designing. I am hoping it will help me generate some petty cash. I think everyone would like to have a bit more spending cash — I really want a couch (and to pay off my DC trip — HAHA).

As for my new years resolution to lose wait — blah. I was doing good, but it all went awry mid summer. To correct this, Briana and I are participating in my apartment complex’s free Yoga classes. I have also been going to the gym three times a week. I have two months to lose 15 pounds. I’ll let you know if I make it. After Yoga, Briana and I have started up our LARE study sessions again. We are planning on taking LARE section B & C this March 2011.

And finally, My mom gave me my Christmas present early this year! She is taking us on a vacation — to Germany! Yes, yes, I am going to Germany again. That means I will have been to Germany every year for the past three years. I hope I can keep it up. We are going for a week, leaving on Christmas Eve and arriving Christmas Day in Cologne. Shari got a wonderful flight and hotel package. Our hotel is (for my readers familiar with Cologne) literally right across the street from the Schokoladenmuseum (Chocolate Museum – Cologne). We are coming back at the end of December. We wanted to stay till after New Years, but it increased the trip price by $400. I am so excited.


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  1. How fun!!! What a perfect Christmas gift!! Yes, I want you to have a couch too!!

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