Devon on November 1st, 2010

So Halloween has come and gone, just as it has every year before. This year I had a Practically Perfect Pumpkin Party. I had eight people (one in spirit) jam into my apartment for dinner and jack-o-lantern carving. The dinner was completely pumpkin oriented. We had pumpkin ale, pumpkin hummus and pita chips, pumpkin lasagna, pumpkin dinner rolls, green bean salad with pumpkin seed vinaigrette, and (of course) pumpkin pie for dessert. I actually ended up making two pumpkin pies — one with evaporated milk and one with sweetened condensed milk. I think most liked the evaporated milk pie. The other one was way to dense (and sweet) for me. I’m going out of order; I started writing about the dessert first. Back to the other parts. Everything was really good. The hummus was more of a pumpkin puree dip (it had no chickpeas at all) but had the texture of regular hummus. The rolls were good, but would have been perfect if I had them the day of the party (not the day before). The lasagna was one of the best lasagnas I have ever had — you need to make it! The green bean salad was just so-so.

After dinner we started carving. Because I know how messy carving can be, I got a thick plastic painter’s tarp to lay out over the carpet — protecting the floor and making clean up a breeze. It was nice to have everyone sit in a circle too. Of course I did my quick carving and was done way to fast; but I really like to let my knife guide the design — it’s not my fault that every pumpkin I carve looks like Lennie from Of Mice and Men. Oh yeah, while we carved we watched Disney’s Hocus Pocus (1993), just as I have every year for the past 17 years. All in all, I think everyone had fun.

On actual Halloween weekend, I went to the neighborhood block party as The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. The plan was to met up with friends — especially Scott (Mad Hatter) and his coworker, Claire (Alice) — but it was so crowded, I could not get any cell phone service nor could I even move through the river of people. I ended up only hanging with Briana (Truck Driver with Junk in the Truck), who I met before we went to the party. The block party was unbelievable — the three streets were sardine packed. I just read online that according to Dallas police estimates, “about 12,000 people attended this year’s Block Party.” It was so crowded that I got agoraphobic. As most of you know, I don’t like people in my bubble (if not invited, that is)! The good thing that came out of being around so many people was that, if you use Foursquare, you will be happy to know I got the Spooky Swarm Badge — and I am dang proud of it! Happy Halloween!

P.S. I need to thank Briana for all the above photos — my camera is not as good during dark situations.


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