Devon on November 12th, 2010

I have officially been working at a landscape architecture firm for over a year . And with my 1 year anniversary came a nice chocolate cake from my favorite restaurant, Bread Winners, and a raise (which will help with student loan payments — the raise, not the cake). I have really enjoyed my job. I have learned so much and also validated that I am competent at what I do. I remember when I first started I was so nervous and really had no self confidence in my abilities. Now that it has been a year, I know that I can do this. Even the dreaded site grading (storm water management) has become easer. Just the other day, my boss let me grade a whole site from scratch without any help. Of course when I was done he made a few small suggestions and changes — he does have 20 more years of experience then I do — but I started and came out with a result that worked!

In other news, Briana, my “long-time friend-turned-co-worker” (her words), just passed her 90 days at the firm! From reading her recent blog post, I know exactly how she feels! I felt the same feelings during my 90 days — the best way I can describe it is an unjustified anxious self doubt. I’ve now realized there is no reason for these feelings — we graduated from a rigorous 5 year program! If they did’t think we could do it, we wouldn’t have our degrees.

Speaking of a confidence boost — as Briana also mentions in her post — she and I had an office design competition for a backyard patio and pool design. It turned out that the client wanted a combination of the two designs — so we both won! The other day, we were just informed that our combined design is about to begin construction! As an added boost, the other day my boss informed me that a client picked my pool design option over his option. I guess this means I am getting good at pool layouts. Here’s to another year — and many more!


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