Devon on July 6th, 2011

Long time no post! Its been over two months since the last time I posted a public post — and so much has happened. I should start with the most important event: I’m in a relationship! And a good one too — Hallelujah! It happened just a few weeks after I posted my birthday post — ask and you shall receive!

We met through a mutual friend — so it’s not some random stranger — and we hit it off instantly. So much in common, yet little variations to make us both interesting. Its been two months (as of July 4th) and I am head over heels, smitten, and downright in love! Intelligent, sincere, caring, passionate, dapper, organized, mature, genuine, cultured, and (I know this may sounds strange) physical. I say physical (there maybe a better word, but it somewhat conveys what I mean) because, well, do you know how nice it is to be kissed at a movie theater? Or just have someone rub your back as you’re walking down the street? I don’t know about you, but it means a lot. Anyways, off the tangent — I’m in a wonderful relationship! And I know it’s a good relationship because we baked together (Coconut Cupcakes) — and if you know me, that’s not something I do with just anyone. LOL. I guess 26 really is turning out to be my lucky number “between a square and a cube.”

Speaking of being lucky; so far this year I have won tickets to bingo ($50 value), a Kylie Minogue Concert ($150 value), Billy Elliot ($100 value), The Onion Performance ($70 value), and a few advanced movie screenings (around $40 value). I have also been lucky in the fact that I have been able to travel recently.

At the beginning of June I went on an amazing weekend trip to Fort Worth. It was nice to get out of Dallas and explore the city next door. Fort Worth is so different from Dallas. It’s just 30 minutes away, yet its like stepping into the old west — cowboy boots/hats and all. Near the end of June, over Father’s Day weekend, I was in New Orleans for what turned into 4 days. I have never had so much good food and good company on a trip (If you have access to the private blog section, you can continue to read about these trips)!

Also, going back to being lucky, I went to my first horse race at Lone Star Park near Dallas. It was the first time I have ever placed a bet on a horse — and now I know I have no idea how to bet on horses! Lone Star Park also has a dinner buffet so it was two birds with one stone. The betting may have gone sour but the dinner made up for it — either way it was a fun outing with good friends.

And just the other weekend, over July 4th, I went on a two day trip to the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma. It was another fun little trip to get out of Dallas and relax. We ended up eating at the 1832 Steakhouse twice! As you can see from the picture, if that middle 7 was down one notch I would have won over $700! But, I was happy with the $48 — LOL!

So much stuff has happened. The reason I have not posted in a long time is because time is going so fast! May suddenly ended and then June went by in a blink! I love being busy, but I haven’t had time to just sit down and write — until now that is 🙂

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