Devon on November 8th, 2011

So after a few month of searching, Jay found the perfect puppy; Riley. Once he arrived it was all fun and games until you noticed that the only place he had for his bathroom area was in over grown 3 foot high Asian Jasmine vines. So, being a landscape designer, I decided to put my skills to use — I generated a new landscape plan for the Moody residence. Jay loved the plan, and having an interior designer background, he could actually comprehend the plan without much explanation.

The basic idea was to cut back the existing Asian Jasmine away from the patio and air conditioning compressors, add a new lawn area edged by black steel edging, add new gravel around the air conditioning compressors, and add Liriope around the new lawn area and in the existing planter beds. To top it all off with something showy; Madison Jasmine vines along the entire fence. It was a simple and functional design solution.

The materials and supplies were purchased through one of the landscape installation companies I work with. I also had a few workers from the company install the design in just a few hours. Jay already had a good irrigation and landscape lighting system — so that was already taken care of. All in all, from design concept, to rendering, to finalizing, to purchasing, to installation — the project took around a month.


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  1. what a difference..nice job. do you have a lighting system around it?

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