Devon on November 18th, 2012

PanellusStipticusJust like in a previous post, this mushroom has not been exposed to radiation. It’s is completely natural. Well, natural for a mushroom that glows in the dark! Panellus stipticus is easily cultivated and has a reliable glowing effect. The mycelium gives off relatively low levels of greenish light and is only visible in complete darkness after about 5 minutes of allowing your eyes to adjust. The glow is dependent on available oxygen and dramatic and sudden increases in brightness can be achieved when cultures are exposed to the open air.

In nature, this mushroom is found growing on logs and is shaped somewhat like a small leathery oyster mushroom. The cultures are sold as a novelty only and do not produce edible or internally medicinal mushrooms. There is little information regarding the toxicity of this mushroom when eaten, but it was reportedly used at one time externally to staunch bleeding.

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