Devon on November 28th, 2014

CircleLights1895I was in Indianapolis, Indiana over Thanksgiving this year. On a tour of the city, we went to City Center where they erect a “Christmas Tree.” Well, I use that loosely. It’s actually strung lights on the permanent Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Downtown. It’s been called the worlds largest Christmas tree — I guess largest shaped Christmas tree would be more accurate. Even the Indianaians know it and have a personalized song to the tune of the Christmas Carol “Oh Christmas Tree”:

Oh concrete thing, Oh concrete thing, How lovely are your branches. Oh concrete thing, Oh concrete thing, You have no friggin’ branches. You are the largest Christmas tree. Well then again, no not really.

Oh concrete thing, Oh concrete thing, I see a mom who’s freezing, Dad’s been drinking whiskey. They drove downtown, Parking cost ten bucks, They stood around and froze their butts, To watch the tree and dear Daddy, Get lit up like Christmas.

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