Devon on October 24th, 2008

This week in school we have mainly been working on our studio projects. On wednesday we went to the UN Campus for a tour/visit. It was an interesting visit. I really did not know much about the UN. A little Bonn history: When Germany was split into Western and Eastern Germany (and Berlin was split as well), Western Germany moved their capital to Bonn. For 20 odd years Bonn was the capital and had everything governmental. You know that iconic video of the German parliament where they all, as if rehearsed, jump up cheering when they hear the wall is coming down? That was in Bonn (which btw, I am going to that building/room this Saturday).

That iconic moment was good news. The subsequent events after were not. Now that Berlin was reunified, Germany decided to move its government back to Berlin. The Bonners didn’t know what would happen to the city. Would it shrivel up and be forgotten? To prevent such fate, the German parliament passed the Berlin-Bonn legislation, establishing the UN Headquarters of Germany in Bonn. Bonn is now the fastest growing city in Germany. And for good reason: it is centrally located in Europe, it has a small town feel with the resources and infrastructure of a metropolis, and a city that supports the UN full heartily. One of the best parts of the tour, they took us up to the 29 floor of the UN building and we got a 360? view of over Bonn.

On Thursday we went to Schloss Dyck. It is an old castle from the Dyck family, built over 1000 years ago. We went on a garden tour. It was neat to see because the gardens are modern while reflecting the history of place. All the gardens where hidden in tall grasses, kind of like european corn fields (to give you a mental image). It was fun running in the fields; such a perfect activity during autumn weather. After the tour we all went back to studio and had a pumpkin carving party. It was nice to do something all together that had nothing to do with school; relaxing and rejuvenating. This weekend I am just working on projects.


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