Devon on November 2nd, 2008

For Halloween the studio decided to have our own party (because Germany does not celebrate Halloween) then go clubbing in Cologne. We all went over to Pam’s host parents house, which graciously agreed to host the party. We all contributed 3€ and Pam went to the store for hotdogs and snacks (it was BYOB). The class mainly went as leaves, 4 people went as the current presidential (and VPs) candidates, and one person went as if she was stuck in the 80s. The party was really fun. Our professor even came and did face painting. We had a good time being all together outside of the classroom. We were going to meet Miriam (our AIB program coordinator) in Cologne, but she sent a text saying she did not fill up to it. Because it was cold, we were relying on public transportation, and everyone was dressed up, we did not go. The party started winding down at midnight. Everyone wanted to make sure to catch his or her last U-Bahn home, so we ended the party.

I got home at around 1am. I expected just to go to sleep, but the next part of my night made a 180 degree turn, no, more like a 360 degree turn. If you want the full story, ask me in person. Basically, I ended up in Cologne until 9am. So yes, I was up all night. I got back to the dorm at 10am, and went to sleep. I got up at 5pm for dinner and AIB movie night. I got home from movie night at midnight. Sunday, I got up late at 1pm; after much needed rest. It was a very good weekend. I am glad I finally went out in Cologne; an amazing Halloween!

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