Devon on November 10th, 2008

The group of us arrived in Zurich around 11pm after a 3 hour train ride from Munich, Germany. We walked from the HBF to our hotel which was only a few minutes away. We all checked into our rooms and went right to bed. We all made plans to get up and meet at 9am. We headed to the HBF to exchange money. Switzerland is still on the Swiss Franc, not Euro. After getting money, we went looking for a restaurant for breakfast. I had done some research on Zurich so I knew where the local cheaper restaurants where located, Niederdorfstrasse. We found a cute place which served continental breakfast; perfect.

After breakfast we went shopping. First we went shopping on the local’s shopping road in the Niederdorfstrasse area. So many shoppes. Everything from local second hand shopping to New York designers, swiss mecanics, to chocolate. We found a classic swiss hand craft store that had 100% mechanical music boxes. I found the one I want, it is 3000 Swiss Franc ($2800). At the end of Niederdorfstrasse were the two famous Zurich churches. We went into both of them and up one of the towers. It was a nice view all over Zurich. After the churches we did more shopping.

There was a small gathering of some type. We did not know what for because it was only in German and French. But they had some snack stands up, which included– yes– roasted chestnuts. We could not resist. We all split 200 grams. They were a bit different then we imaged–very potato tasting. At least I get to say I have had roasted chestnuts, from an open fire, in Switzerland. We then went to dinner and back to the hotel. Some people went out clubbing that night. I went to bed because I still didn’t feel 100%.

The next morning was Sunday (November 9). All the stores were closed so we had a nice relaxing day strolling around Zurich. We went down the main shopping street. It has cool florescent tube lighting all the way down. At the end of the street we went to the Zurich arboretum. All the leaves were changing colors. It was a painting of autumn I will never forget. At the end of the arboretum was Zurich harbor. When you looked out over the winter harbor you could see, just in the background, the Alps. Zurich is not exactly in the alps, but you could see them.

After walking around for hours, we went into an authentic Swiss restaurant. We had hot chocolate and a small snack. All of our feet hurt from walking so much so we went back to the hotel. We watched a movie on my laptop and then headed to the HBF. We got on a non-stop City Night Line train at 8pm. Our train ride back to Bonn was over 9 hours (which I used one of my left over Eurail Pass days, leaving me with two days left for another trip). I slept most of the way, so it only felt like 4 hours. We arrived back in Bonn at 5am. I jumped on a U-Bahn and got to my dorm at 6am. Such a perfect trip and good planing.


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