Devon on November 27th, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Being here in Germany on Thanksgiving is kind of hard. They do not celebrate it here and I really miss family. To help the “pain,” the program I am here with gives all the students a Thanksgiving party; with turkey and all. I think I said that AIB has students from Texas A&M University and from LMU from California. The party was a joint Thanksgiving, so it was nice to have more Americans around to help celebrate and create the Thanksgiving mood. It was a nice dinner. We had pounds of mashed potatoes, 6 turkeys, stuffing, salad, fruit salad, green beans, souffles, cobblers, pies, and more.

After the two hour dinner, the Texas students went to Bonn Christmas Market– and the Glühwein was flowing. The markets take over the plazas in the city. They set up little quaint themepark villages. It is such a cool experience. The shops, lights, food, smells, sights, merchants, so on. All that was missing was caroling; which supposedly starts in December. The cup system here is neat. You go up and order your drink. Included in the price is a deposit on your cup/mug. If you like the cup/mug you just keep it and your deposit is the cost of the cup/mug; or you can go up and give it back and receive your deposit back. The Christmas mugs this year is a hand painted strong mug with scenes from around Bonn, so I kept mine as a souvenir. Oh yeah, I also did the same in Vienna.

In other news, today also marks the last day of my semester classes! Whoop! No more classes. Now I have 9 days of traveling, roaming, relaxing, and packing. I am going to Barcelona, Spain, November 29th till December 2nd. Then, home to Texas on December 8th at 9am (German time). It really is bitter-sweet. I want to stay, but I really want to go home.


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