Devon on December 27th, 2008

This Christmas was slightly strange. Everyone I talked to said that this Christmas doesn’t feel much like Christmas — may it be the temperature or what. For me, just getting back from Germany through off my holiday feelings. I left the cold, snow, Christmas markets, mass city decorations, and Gl&#252hwein behind. When I arrived in Texas, it was 70 degrees (22 C), no snow, no city decorations (other then lights at night), no Christmas markets, no Gl&#252hwein, and no Christmas Tree. Sigh.

But, Christmas came anyway. I can tell you this, it began to feel more like the holidays with family and friends around. I went to my mom’s house Tuesday night for our annual “Christmas Eve” night. We had a traditional holiday meal — I cooked the turkey — making it the second bird I cooked this year. We exchanged gifts too. I got a Roomba iRobot. Yes, I got a Roomba! It works perfectly; it actually does what it says it does.

On actual Christmas Eve (Wednesday), we went down to my uncles house in Houston. He just moved to Texas from Nevada for his job. We spent a nice dinner evening with his family. It was nice to see some of my cousins I never see. Living in DC, and his family in Nevada/California, we did not make it to family Christmas in Utah at the same time often. Now we live less then an hour away from each other in Texas (we met in the middle of the country — ironic).

On Christmas Day, it did not feel much like Christmas. Mainly because of no Christmas tree (because of moving in December; the house was not decorated). I think having Christmas decorations really enforce the feeling of Christmas. Now, Christmas has come and gone. The next major event: the new year. I am excited for 2009 — this new year is going to change everything: finishing college, house, finding a job/whatever… who knows…


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