Devon on January 16th, 2009

FurnitureWhen you move from a 600 square foot apartment into a 1500 square foot house, you may know that the house is kida’ empty. Which is depressing — but you lift your spirits by going furniture shopping! And who can resist furniture shopping when the furniture you want is on sale with only $1 shipping!?! Yes, we recently got a new entertainment center and two living room chairs from The furniture was 15% off normal retail price and Target online was having a deal: shipping for everything online, only $1. How could we resist! So three days after ordering, the the furniture arrived.

It took me over two hours to put together the three pieces. It was like Ikea furniture, but this was real wood (not compressed wood board) and had a lot of parts. If you know Ikea, the furniture has a screw here and a wood peg here. This furniture had 5 screes on one side, 6 on top, 12 on bottom, 5 on the other, over 50 wood begs, so on — very, very, sturdy solid wood furniture. I am very happy with it. The chair fabric is growing on me — at first I thought it was woven sea grass green/yellow. Now it looks like a very neutral natural color. Over all it is a nice addition to the house.


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  1. Beautiful! The living room looks FANTASTISCH! 🙂

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