Devon on February 16th, 2009

Guest-roomI decorated the guest bath and guest room; this weekend we finished it. I have always wanted a poster bed and I found one at World Market — which so happened to be on sale (just a bit more then what I wanted to spend, but worth it), so we got it. We then hunted down a mattress set (that fit our budget). I wanted to find a mismatched set, or equivalent, for around $300 — and something not made of just cardboard. At the end of the day, it came down to finding something under $500. Finally we found a “Aggie Special” at a local mattress dealer in town (which even delivered, same day, for only $20). We got a comfortable semi-firm mattress (which is good for a guest room — not to hard, not to soft).

Now that we had the primary item of the room we needed to find bedding and accessories. The original color scheme was going to be lilac, white, burgundy, rust, and mahogany (woods). After thinking about it, it clashed with my main theme of light airy spa — so I switched it to white, silver, and mahogany (woods).

For the bedding, I wanted a large overstuffed white bedding. I found two 300 thread-count overstuffed Ralph Lauren pillows, a 400 thread-count white down alternative (allergen free room, remember) over-sized comforter, a silver coverlet for the end of the bed, 450 thread-count Egyptian cotton silver sheets, and some white throw pillows/bolsters.

At Target, they had their world collection on sale (getting ready for the summer shipment). They had two solid wood and glass cabinets. I had saw them before but they were each over $170, way out of the budget. Anyways, when I was there just looking around, I saw that they were over 60% off, each — so I got two of them. Now, if you know me, you know I collect oversized glasses. With the additional element of glass on the cabinet/night stands I decided to show off the glass collection in that room — which fits perfectly with the light airy spa theme.

As for the walls, they stayed the prepainted khaki color — the trim the chocolate brown. The curtains are light white on silver curtain roads. The accessories are the glass collection and trinkets from ours and our friends and family’s travels. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Now I just need someone to come use it. Hint Hint.


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