Devon on February 17th, 2009

New TAMU Bus FabricOkay. I do not usually rant; but today, because I have been doing a lot of decorating lately (the house), I feel I need to. In the mornings of Tuesday and Thursday, Darrell usually drops me off on west campus on his way to work. I then walk (about 10-15 min) to main campus to my work building. Today it was raining, so I took a bus. I have not been on a campus bus in a long time, probably over a year. Anyways, this is my complaint:

Who decided the new seat fabric? Who in their right mind found that fabric and told themselves, “This is what I want. This fabric is perfect.” It doesn’t even have any school colors (maroon or white). The fabric a year ago was maroon with the school logo on it. What happen to that? Now it is fuzzy purple and orange? Umm, Okay, I’m done.


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