Devon on February 24th, 2009

Today is Mardi Gras. I do not really celebrate Fat Tuesday, but it is a yearly reminder of my trip a few years ago (wow, was it that long ago?) to New Orleans. Thinking about it today, I cannot help of thinking that New Orleans looks the most European of the USA cities. If you cannot get a chance to go to France, going to New Orleans is a good representation — in architecture at least.

Also, during the Oscars last Sunday, JC Penny had a new ad. For some reason I like whoever does the JC Penny ads. I have two songs now from the JC Penny commercials in my iTunes. This time the song is an ‘I am Jen’ remix of “Unbelievable” by the Sleepy Rebels. My favorite line(s) says, “This all is too good to be true; I must be seeing things today. ‘Cause everything keeps happen’, in the most peculiar way.”


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