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Unvergesslichen Weihnachten

December 31, 2010Devon 2 Comments »

Where to begin? Nothing really interesting has been going on, hence the quiet blog. But now, I have Christmas to blog about. If you remember, I found out that my Christmas present from my mom this year was a trip to Germany for 7 days. On December 23, I went to work until 2pm. Once […]

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10 Day Trip: Holland (1/3)

October 17, 2008Devon No Comments »

Before I begin, a few words about the next few blog posts. Briana, Brent (her boyfriend that came to visit for the 10 day trip), and I went on a northern tour of West Europe. We visited Holland, Belgium, and France. I have split the trip into 3 post, by country. Each post will talk […]

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Prep, Two Weeks of Travel

September 25, 2008Devon No Comments »

I’m distressed about how much traveling I am doing soon (photo by Briana Morrison). I am doing laundry right now to prepare for two weeks of travel. Saturday the class is going to Berlin, Germany, for four days and then Prague, Czech Republic, for three days. After, we are coming back to Bonn. I have […]

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Protected: I AMsterdam

September 20, 2008Devon Enter your password to view comments.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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