Devon on June 8th, 2010

I have been living in my apartment for over 6 months now and I decided to finally buy an upright full size vacuum. Don’t get me wrong, I love Agador Spartacus (my iRobot Roomba), he does exactly what they say it should do — but it is true, they say it does not replace an […]

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Devon on March 31st, 2010

Surprise, I’m having surgery! Becuase my insurance ends at the end of April (maybe? it might not end for another year now with the new Obama Care changes), I have been going to the doctors to get things checked out. Things I have been ignoring — I know, that’s bad. Turns out that when I […]

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Devon on March 26th, 2010

As you know, I have been investing in the stock market. Nothing big, just 1 or 2 stocks here and there. Yesterday I bought 2 stocks in Trinity Industries, Inc. (Symbol: TRN). It was completely on a whim. The only reason was because it is a Dallas based company and I see the headquarters building […]

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Devon on January 22nd, 2010

If you read my previous blogs, you know I have a few New Year’s resolutions. Well, you’ll be happy to know I am working on all of them. I even got a chance to use one stone for two birds (make a Dallas friend/workout). The other week I made an acquaintance that has had a […]

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Devon on January 6th, 2010

I have been getting a lot of questions about my new job. So, I am going to tell you about where I work and a typical day. I am intentionally not putting the name of where I work because I do not want this entry to come up on a Google search above the new […]

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Devon on January 1st, 2010

I knew how to bring in 2010 right — asleep. Yes, I slept through New Years! Here is the story. After work I went to the bank, Target, grocery store, and then home. At home I watched some TV and ate dinner with a glass of sparkling wine around 8pm (it was a special day, […]

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Devon on December 27th, 2009

The week before Christmas was miserable for me. Let me explain. I have now realized that almost 90% of your christmas spirit comes from decorations and friends/family — all things I did not have around me. Because I am newly on my own, I don’t have any Christmas decorations — in fact, the only thing […]

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Devon on November 29th, 2009

My studio friend Briana got a job near Garland Texas (next to Dallas) so we have been hanging out. Because it is getting cold, I have been wearing all the clothing I bought in Germany to stay warm — makes me felt like I am back in Germany. It really felt like it when Briana, […]

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Devon on November 27th, 2009

My mom came up to Dallas around noon. She took me to a restaurant on a 27 floor that overlooked Downtown Dallas. It was a four-course meal with complimentary bottomless mimosas. Absolutely fantastic. After, we drove around Dallas and I showed her some of the residences I am working on at work. Then we went […]

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Devon on November 17th, 2009

Its been a warm summer all the way up to this weekend. Then, just as it does in Texas, winter hit on Monday. We dropped our nice autumn 75s (25 C) weather to the 50s (12 C) — overnight. Because it got so cold, I stopped off at my apartment’s club house to get some […]

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